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Training the next generation of research leaders and preparing Allied Health Professions for the future of healthcare is a major objective of the Sheffield BRC. Investing in research capacity development is essential to the long-term success of research.

We aim to attract, develop and retain the best new researchers by:

What Do We Offer?

Dedicated Team Members

Professor Oliver Bandmann

Academic Career Development Lead

Dr Emma Fargher

Academic Career Development Coordinator

Dr Ali Ali

Cardiovascular Disease Training Representative

Professor Nigel Hoggard

Imaging & Engineering Training Representative

Dr Paul Collini

Infection & Immunity Training Representative

Professor Oliver Bandmann

Neuroscience Training Representative

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Academic Career Development Strategy Summary


We have a strong track-record of investing in research capacity development. Our values, culture and actions create a working environment that enables everyone to develop to their full potential in a supportive, dynamic and responsive centre.

Our strategy is to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking opportunities and shared resources combined with individual mentoring and personalised training plans. We recognise that strong support and flexibility are crucial. For each trainee, an individually agreed programme of formal training is developed, designed to support their personal development in addition to essential research and leadership skills.



a. Expansion of the Sheffield NMAHP Research Internship Programme

b. Development of the Technical Training Academy

c. Deliver an Informatics Training Programme

d. Support for Postdoctoral Staff

e. Development of the Northern BRC Operations Network 


Work in areas of strategic need

COVID-19 recovery:

Health and social care research:


Under-served communities:


Under-represented disciplines:

Life sciences industry:


Pathways to impact



We will collaborate with the Northern BRCs to maximise training opportunities and develop integrated training across NIHR Infrastructures, including developing the Sheffield NMAHP scheme with other regional programmes. Our BTA mirrors the principles of the NIHR Academy, integrating many collaborative initiatives. We will encourage members to partake in various external mentorship programmes.

Click here to read the full Academic Career Development Strategy. 


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