Infection and Inflammation 

About Infection and Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal part of the body's defence against an infection. When an infective agent enters the body, cells of the innate and adaptive immune system begin a process of removal to prevent further infection and damage. This includes the local production of chemicals from cells such as macrophages and neutrophils, resulting in inflammation. Whilst inflammation can be beneficial in fighting off an infection, it can also cause damage if it is not controlled. Targeted intervention in the cycle of infection and inflammation can ameliorate tissue damage and treatment-resistant infections.

Persistent or disproportionate immune activation due to infection drives a range of chronic co-morbidities in both immunodeficiency syndromes and disease states, such as COPD. Using our strengths in lung and skin inflammation research, we use infectious/inflammatory challenge models to test novel anti-neutrophil therapeutics to dissect the interaction of inflammation and infection. We work with the Imaging & Engineering Theme to develop and apply novel imaging approaches for the lungs and skin, and with the Cardiovascular Theme to study neutrophil-endothelial interactions. We also investigate the role of innate immune cell subpopulations in infectious/inflammatory diseases and explore how the manipulation of hypoxia signalling can regulate the inflammatory response to infections.

Our research is focussed on four primary patient cohorts:

Our aims

To identify and validate new treatments for combined infectious/inflammatory pathology, such as COPD

To improve the length and quality of life for patients with infections with inflammatory phenotypes, such as tuberculosis and fungal infections, and for patients with inflammatory conditions that predispose them to infection

To develop pro-resolution therapies which can interrupt the cycles of infection and inflammation, leading to better outcomes


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Professor Stephen Renshaw

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