In our Imaging sub-theme, we develop medical imaging technologies to ‘see’ what is inside the human body. Imaging enables us to visualise the body’s structure, look for the presence of abnormalities linked with illness and assess various aspects of how the body functions. Imaging plays a vital role in understanding how diseases develop and progress, often termed ‘experimental medicine’. Providing hallmarks for various types of disease, imaging is increasingly also being used to assess the effects of and ultimately the efficacy of novel interventions. 

Sheffield is internationally recognised for the development and translation of novel imaging technologies, including hyperpolarised-gas MRI, electrical-impedance-tomography, in-utero/neonatal MRI and optical-coherence-microscopy. Our novel, sensitive, clinically tested and regulatory-approved imaging methods are routinely used to assess treatment response and shorten the development cycle of new treatments. Our imaging theme interacts with many of our other themes and spans multiple disease areas. 


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Professor Nigel Hoggard

Imaging Sub Theme Lead

Dr. Andrew Swift 

Dr. Paul Armitage 

Dr. Helen Marshall 

Prof. Steven Sourbron 

Prof. Julian Gunn 

Dr. Haiping Lu  

Prof. Paul Griffiths 

Prof. Karl Herholz 

Prof. Stephen Matcher 

Dr. Dinesh Selvarajah 

Prof. Li Su 

Prof. David Kiely 

Dr. Neil Stewart

Dr. Graham Norquay

Dr. Samer Alabed

Dr. Rebecca Gosling