About Neuroinflammtion

Inflammation within the brain and spinal cord is known as neuroinflammation. This can occur in response to a variety of stimuli, such as injury, infection, exposure to toxins, neurodegenerative diseases and ageing.  

Neuroinflammation is considered to play a large role in the initiation and progression of many diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Ataxia and other Gluten-Related Neurological Disorders (GRND).  Disruption of the blood-brain barrier is often a key in these diseases, allowing inflammatory cells from the blood to enter the central nervous system and cause damage to neurons and other cells within the brain. This inflammation can often be thought of as a snowball effect, where once started can easily become out of control due to positive feedback loops induced by chemicals released by cells in the brain. 

Research within the NIHR Sheffield BRC aims to improve outcomes across our community for those living with neuroinflammatory disorders. By working with people with Multiple Sclerosis, the MS Society identified 10 important research questions that need addressing within the MS field.  The NIHR Sheffield BRC research programme aligns with these research priorities, targeting research in the most important areas for patients. The neurological aspects of coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity were ranked 3rd amongst the10 high priority areas for Coeliac UK following a James Lind Alliance priority-setting partnership. Read more on our dedicated disease area pages. 

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