Meet Luke Barron who is the Manager of the National Institute for Health and Care Research Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

With the support of my team, I oversee all operational aspects of the NIHR BRC Sheffield to ensure its success against our objectives. I support the BRC Director in setting and delivering our strategy to further develop our infrastructure and ensure our portfolio of research is managed and delivered effectively. My role is optimally positioned to help support clinicians and researchers in the development of new and novel treatments and diagnostics which seek to benefit patients and the wider the health system.

It has always been an ambition of mine to work in a highly collaborative field that seeks to deliver impactful benefits, drives innovation, and improves patient treatment and experience. Within clinical research I always felt this would be the ideal environment to challenge myself, thrive and contribute to the exceptional service the NHS strives to deliver to our patients.

Working in NHS research has provided an abundance of opportunities to help develop my career. It has allowed me to work with world-class staff who inspire me to continually learn and develop. I feel very fortunate to have worked in such varied roles, ranging from patient facing study delivery, research governance and study set-up, through to operational and strategic management. This very holistic career development encourages me to always adopt the perspective and mentality that research is there to benefit the public and it is vitally important we ensure access to treatment and care is open to all.

To work in a such a collaborative and supportive field provides incredible job satisfaction. The role is very diverse and fast paced, which ensures each day is a positive challenge. There is always opportunity and room to learn and continually develop. I am very fortunate to work within a truly exceptional and skilled team who achieve quite wonderful things. I always look forward to the day ahead.

I am incredibly proud of every role I have worked in, every team I have worked with, across all disease areas and NHS Trusts. However, my proudest achievement would be when I worked as a neuro research assistant within the multiple sclerosis research team. Supporting the clinicians and nurses to deliver increased treatment options to patients with MS was very special and really confirmed to me that research is where I belong.