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Equality Diversity and Inclusion 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is embedded throughout Sheffield BRC to further develop EDI principles across the BRC Training Academy and within our Healthcare and Technology themes. The EDI Co-Leads work with an expert team of Community Engagement, Ethnic Diversity and Primary Care leaders, a senior research fellow and a PhD student to promote more inclusive research involvement, participation and engagement across themes, and support the submission of proposals to research funders. The team also includes a Primary Care nurse to support the Primary Care Lead, in collaboration with Primary Care Sheffield (PCS), to link Sheffield BRC to diverse communities within the Sheffield/South Yorkshire region, including underserved populations.

The EDI team are working closely with the PPIE coordinator to develop a community outreach engagement programme to broaden the reach of Sheffield BRC. We aim to deliver inclusive, innovative and interdisciplinary training in translational Experimental Medicine. 

The EDI strategies of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and The University of Sheffield reflect the communities served and share the vision to actively attract, engage and develop talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Professor Elizabeth Goyder

EDI Co-Lead

Professor Ade Adebajo

EDI Co-Lead

Dr Susan Baxter

Community Engagement Lead

Professor Parveen Ali

Ethnic Diversity Lead

Dr Jon Dickson

Primary Care Lead

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy 2022-2027

The NIHR Sheffield BRC has collaborated with the NIHR Sheffield CRF to develop a joint strategy for EDI, which will be implemented between 2022-2027. The full strategy can be read here. 

The NIHR Sheffield BRC and CRF are committed to promoting and embedding EDI through all aspects of our work.

Diversity in all its forms delivers greater impact in our research and enhances the experience of our patients, communities, and workforce. By working collaboratively with our partners we will create a thriving inclusive research environment that provides widened access and public confidence in health and care research; an environment that attracts and supports a diverse range of world leading staff, fostering equal opportunity for everyone to achieve their potential.

Through embedding these principles we will foster the development of a culture of Impact, Excellence, Inclusion, Collaboration, and Effectiveness.

NIHR Hidden Figures: Celebrating diversity in healthcare research

Written by Shamaila Anwar and Tara-Sienna Hartman.

Designed by Simon Golphin.